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About Heidi Pichotta

Heidi Pichotta began studying bodywork in 1995 when she completed human massage therapy training. Over the years, Heidi has melded her human training together with her extensive equine training and knowledge. In 2010, Heidi was in a serious accident. Against the odds, Heidi has made a full recovery utilizing the therapies and principles that she uses in her own therapy practice. Heidi truly understands pain, recovery, and rehabilitation because she has lived it. She can also testify that not all therapy programs and practionioners are created equal. She strives to provide only the very best care possible to her clients.

Heidi has also rehabilitated several of her own horses. Taking them from unsound to the show pen. Below is Diago when Heidi first got him.

Then                                                                          NOW

Heidi Pichotta shows reining horses, competes in dog agility, and recognizes the work it takes to be successful in a very competitive industry. Heidi takes pride in giving both human and equine athletes that "extra edge." She receives great joy in seeing the achievements of her clients. Heidi wants you and your equine partner to succeed as much as you do and will go the extra mile to help you get there!
On a personal note:

Thank you to all of my wonderful clients over the past twelve years and especially the last year. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for the love and support you have shown me. Each and every one of you, has taught me so much and with every challenge, I learn something new and fascinating. ~ Heidi