Saddle Fitting Clinics

In our saddle fitting clinics you will learn how to properly assess saddle fit by our independent saddle fitter. Heidi Pichotta is not a sales representative. She is independently trained and will help you get the most for your money when you are saddle shopping.  Many riders are sold saddles that do not fit them or their horse. The reasons are primarily twofold. One being lack of knowledge and education and the second being the need to make a sale. Heidi has received extensive training, none of which was from a commercial saddle company.

Body Assessment & Biomechanics Clinics

Want to look at your horse in a new light? In our body assessment and biomechanics clinics, you will learn how to identify problematic pain responses and dysfunctional movement patterns in your horse.  Learn how to detect potential problems before they become injuries! Want to learn how to chose the best horse for your money? Find out how to gain that edge in our form to function discussions. Additionally, we will discuss the dynamics of horse and rider biomechanics.

Bodywork Clinics for Riders

Have you ever wondered how some riders manage to keep their horses going injury free, happy, and competing for years while others are always battling injuries, training obstacles, and set backs?  Learn how to maintain your performance horse and design a program to keep your horse at the very top of his game for many years. In this clinic you will also learn hands on techniques that you can safely perform yourself to help keep your horse performing at its best.

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